Why I Am A Zionist


Israel, Jewish Identity and the Challenges of Today — Book Info:

Why I am a Zionist JPG (11kb)

In 2000 and 2001, outraged by the wave of terrorism, which escalated into a violent
attack on the State of Israel’s right to exist, historian and author Gil Troy set out
to defend the Jewish State.

His impassioned stand with Israel first appeared in the pages of the Montreal Gazette under the title, “Why I Am a Zionist” in April 2001. Five months later Troy’s manifesto for Jewish pride was rushed into print.

Five years and three printings later, Why I Am a Zionist has established itself as a guide for the perplexed, with over 15,000 copies sold.

Revised and updated with new material addressing the transformation of the attack on
Israel and the Jewish people, which has transpired since the book’s original printing,
Troy outlines all the reasons to be a proud and active Zionist in the 21st century.
In newly scripted sections, Troy details Jewish identity building in action including
how to fight anti-Semitism on and off campus, a guideline for activism, and the need to
continue celebrating Israel.

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